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Home selling process with Jordan Archer, real estate agent. 1. Meet with Jordan. 2. Professional consultation and agreement to list property. 3. We enter an agency relationship. Sign Listing Agreement. Property Disclosure, Estimated Seller Expense Sheet, Lead Paint Disclosure, Agency Disclosure, Listing Agreement. 4. Advice to optimize showings. 5. Implement Marketing Plan: Network, Public, Online. 6. Showing to ptospective buyers and agents. 7. Presentation of Offers. 8. Jordan Advises how to negotiate an offer that is best for you! 9. Negotiations. 10. Accept offer likely with additional terms. 11. Inspection and/or appraisal. 12. Jordan liaises with buyer/agent to satisfy additional terms. 13. Sold sign is put up! 14. Arrange for movers, cancellation of utilities, insurance, forwarding of mail, etc... 15. Review settlement statement and arrange wire transfers 16. Closing date. sign closing documents at title company and receive fund from sale of yur home 17. Possession date

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